The Best Soccer Goalie Gloves

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Goalkeeper Gloves By Blok-IT

Our Top Pick for 2019: Goalkeeper Gloves By Blok-IT

The right goalie gloves can not only provide hand protection but can also give the extra grip needed to keep a handle on the ball for the best play. A number of factors from style and materials to padding and finger supports can play a role in the effectiveness of the glove. You may need to try on different brands and styles to find the best fit, as goalie gloves can vary in size from brand to brand. As you look, keep in mind the kind of weather conditions you play in because that can also play a part in the effectiveness of goalkeeper gloves.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. Goalkeeper Gloves By Blok-IT

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The Goalkeeper Gloves by Blok-IT (Blok) have a comfortable fit that also provide good extra stability. The Blok comes in seven sizes starting at a junior size 4 up to a size 11, which is equivalent to an adult XX-large. A size 4 junior is estimated to fit a 7 – 9-year-old while the size 11 is recommended for adults 6 feet 5 inches or taller.

There are no half sizes available in this brand, which is common in the United States. These gloves fit true to size so if you are deciding between two sizes, gloves that are too small make restrict finger movements while too large may slide around the hands. Your style of play can help you make the choice between going with the bigger size or not.

Once you’ve chosen your size, the fit is accurate to the fit guide. The fingers fit snug without restricting movement. However, the thumb is created longer than it needs to be. It extends past the natural length, which can be distracting to some goalkeepers. Most users noted the extra length but felt their play was not hindered by it. It may take some time getting used to the added length.

The Blok is designed to protect the hands with extra padding and finger savers. Added padding prevents the sting of blocking a good solid kick. This padding will leave you able to play without fear or pain for an entire soccer game. A stray kick can break, jam, or sprain fingers so goalies are always looking for ways to protect their fingers. The Blok includes finger savers, which are a hard spine in each finger to give extra support. This hard material supports fingers so they don’t bend unnaturally during play. Many players like them as an extra layer of injury protection.

A bandage wrap wrist closure does a good job of securing the glove to the hand. High-quality Velcro is used, helping the gloves to stay in place so that you can focus on the game and not your gloves. The won’t slide around but can be difficult to remove.

Stitching, cut, and the materials used in the Blok are of good quality. They allow for adequate breathability to cut down on sweat. Styling is attractive and not a distraction.

The latex used to make the palm of the Blok, while protective, does not aid in gripping. More advanced players found that these gloves worked better for practice rather than games. They often used a gripping spray to give them extra grip. Younger players, on the other hand, don’t need the same exactness as advanced players that benefit from the finger savers and extra padding.

#2. Reusch Soccer Receptor SG Finger Support Goalkeeper Glove

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The Reusch Soccer Receptor SG Finger Support Goalkeeper Gloves (Receptor) have a good design that can be used in either rain or sun. It comes in eight sizes ranging from a size 5 for a hand with a 3 – 4 inch circumference to a size 12 for a 10 – 11 inch hand circumference. The fit is true to size but the Receptor does not come in half sizes.

Palm design can make a big difference in the goalie’s ability to hold onto the soccer ball, especially in wet conditions. The receptor is made of latex that combines synthetic and natural materials. Dry condition grip is rated at a six and the wet condition grip is rated at a four. The foam on the palm has a soft texture that allows the goalie to get a better grip on the ball. There are gloves that are specially designed for wet weather, the Receptor does not fall into this category because the foam is not made to absorb water, however, user found that it still performed well in the rain.

The Receptor uses an Expanse cut that has sewn-in finger stays as support. These flexible finger supports allow the fingers to bend naturally but help to prevent injury from kicks or intense play. To prevent tear out around the thumb, a deeper thumb notch uses an elastic piece below the foam giving the gloves greater flexibility.

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Spread finger design leaves the palms open for blocks or grabs. Mesh gussets create breathability throughout the gloves. A Velcro bandage wrist closure securely holds the gloves in place.

The Receptor has had problems with durability. Some users found that the gloves began to break down after two weeks of heavy use. This makes them a better purchase for someone that only plays occasionally. Advance or players that play multiple games each week will be happier with a more durable glove.


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#3. Brine King Match 3X Goalie Gloves

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The Brine King Match 3X Goalie Gloves (Brine) in three brightly colored design that sets them apart from the crowd.

Using a German latex foam, the Brine creates a padded surface that effectively absorbs the shock of a soccer ball. The foam absorbs the shock and spreads it throughout the surface of the hand, not just the palm. The palms are also sticky enough to be used in wet conditions. That stickiness tends to fade with use, but many goalies used a spray to add get the kind of grip they needed for best play.

The Brine comes in four sizes and they tend to run big. Many users had to return their first set of gloves for a smaller size. Be sure to measure the circumference of your hand before ordering.

The design of the Brine uses the materials to create shape and support. Using a new metal backbone system, the Brine provides the support needed to help prevent injury to the fingers. The backhand of the glove is laterally wrapped, creating the slight cupping shape of the glove. This helps it to fit the shape of a soccer ball.

An EVA embossed bandage wrap wrist closure holds the gloves tightly in place. Taking a hard kick can not only be damaging to the fingers but to the wrists. The wristband on the Brine is thicker than usual, which helps it to add extra support for the wrist.

For the price, the Brine has good durability. The stitching, latex, and supports hold up well to prolonged play. Mesh is not used in this design which doesn’t give it good breathability.

#4. Vizari Junior Keeper Glove

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The Vizari Junior Keeper Glove (Vizari) provides support and protection for youth who are just starting out in soccer. The Vizari uses a Duplatex latex foam on the palm This type of latex adds some texture to the surface of the palm which helps goalies get a better grip on the ball.

Embossed EVA latex is used on the backhand and the wrist closure. EVA latex is a good material for starter goalie gloves because it has good absorption, while still maintaining the flexibility that players need to move their fingers to grip the ball. Its use on the wrist closure allows the Vizari to provide some wrist support.

These inexpensive gloves are ideal for a youth team’s equipment stock or a youth that plays goalie often. The Vizari are not a major investment if they decide later on that soccer isn’t the right sport for them. When outgrown, they can be replaced without a big financial investment.

The durability is good enough for a child that has 2 -3 practices each week with a game. They should stand up to entire season with this type of schedule.

With seven different sizes, you’ll be able to find a size that fits but determining the correct size may be a challenge. The Vizari is made for the small hands of children but there is no size chart provided for this product. By looking at reviews, you may be able to determine what size your child needs, but be aware that children can vary greatly in the size of their hands because of different growth patterns even if they are the same age. The best you can do is use a size chart from another brand and then order the same size in the Vizari. You may have to return them until you find the correct size.

Pre-purchase considerations

Weather Conditions and Grip

Grip is essential to a good pair of goalie gloves. The typical weather conditions that you play in can help you determine the kind of gloves you need. Gloves intended for wet conditions have a softer palm with more opens pores to absorb water. This allows the gloves to provide some gripping ability even when wet. Soft palm gloves are not as durable and will break down quickly so it is in your best interest only to use them when the conditions are optimal.

A different foam composition is used in dry weather gloves. This type of foam does not need to repel water; therefore the pores are smaller, but still provide extra gripping ability. There is range of palm textures but, in general, the rougher the palm the more durable the glove.

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There are gloves that perform better in one condition or the other, while others are made of all-purpose latex foam. Indoor players won’t need to worry about wet conditions, while goalies that play outdoors may want an all-purpose glove or have two gloves, one for dry conditions and one for wet.


Sizing goalie gloves can be a challenge. Each brand has a unique fit. Some sizing charts are based on player height, while others rely on the hand circumference. Some brands come in half sizes, although most gloves in the United States do not. While there is an on-going debate about whether or not a glove should fit loose or tight, it really comes down to a matter of comfort and personal preference. You want a glove that feels good to you. Some players prefer a larger size because it gives them more room for their fingers to move, while others prefer a tighter fit because of better responsiveness.


While some players may prefer a large glove, that does not mean they compromise for a sloppy fit. Gloves that do not fit well may slide to the side of the hand or move around excessively during play, which leads to missed saves and sloppy kicks.

There are several factors that affect the fit of the glove. The first is cut. There are four cut types flat cut, rolled or Gunn cut, negative cut, bowl or pre-curved. Flat cut gloves have a flat palm that provides more room inside the glove for fingers to move. Rolled finger or Gunn cut gloves have the fingers stitched directly to the palm of the gloves with the sides of palm ‘rolled’ or around the fingers. It makes for a snug fit around the fingers. Negative cut gloves provide the tightest fit across the palm. This is achieved by having a gusset sewn to the sides of the fingers, making it a tight fit to all fingers. Bowl or pre-curved gloves have a flat palm that has been preshaped to the natural shape of the hand. Hybrids are a fifth classification that can be any combination of the other glove types.

The next is palm padding, which is a matter of personal preference. Indoor players often prefer more palm padding because the soccer play comes faster and more often. Thickness can range from 3 – 4 mm. Thin padding allows a good feel on the ball but young players may need extra padding to protective sensitive hands.

Finding the right fit will mean trying on different styles of gloves to find what feels the most comfortable.

Wrist Closure

The wrist closure is technically another aspect of fit but it deserves attention all its own. A tight wrist closure is essential to keeping the glove in place during play. There are three types of wrist closure – bandage, elastic, split wrist.

Bandage closures have a wide piece of elastic that wraps around the wrist and Velcros shut. This type of closure provides the most secure fit; however, they are difficult to remove and some players find them restrictive. They often come with added EVA support, which can help prevent injury.

Elastic closures have a strip of elastic sewn directly to the glove. It provides a loose fit and is easy to get on and off. However, there is no extra support and the fit usually looser.

Slit wrist entries are easy and quick to take on and off. However, the gloves are loose around the wrists.

Bandage closures are usually found on higher quality, more expensive gloves, while less expensive models will have elastic or slit wrist designs.

Finger Protection

Goalkeepers face a number of dangers, one of which is the constant threat of finger injuries. Hyperextension is a common injury that comes from the nature of stopping soccer balls at high velocity and of grabbing the ball in the vicinity of kicking feet. Finger protection in the form of fingers savers is a common feature in goalie gloves.

Fingers savers are essentially a splint sewn into each finger of the glove for extra support and protection. While they do prevent hyperextension, other injuries such and stubbed or kicked fingers are not prevent by these splints. Additionally, they can prevent young players from developing finger strength and proper technique.

In general, the only time you need fingers savers is if you have an already existing finger injury. The splints can support the injury and prevent it from further damage.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Goalies gloves come in numerous styles and designs. All of the fancy design and innovations aren’t going to do you any good if the gloves aren’t comfortable and don’t fit well. These two factors should be your number one concern. If you have the option of trying gloves on before buying, you will be able to tell if the size is right and the design is comfortable.

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