Signs Your Spouse is Cheating and How to Know For Sure

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Being in a relationship can be an amazing experience. There is nothing like sharing the love and trust that a good relationship can bring. But, what happens when that relationship starts to go south? If things are getting rocky, does that mean he or she is cheating? Thankfully, there are a few signs that will give you a good idea that your spouse is cheating.

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Five Signs Your Spouse is Cheating

No one wants to think their spouse is cheating. If you’ve gotten to that point, we feel for you. Don’t worry though. Here are five of the best ways to tell if your spouse is cheating on you. 


  1. Their appearance changes. 

Typically when a spouse or partner begins cheating their appearance will change. Maybe they lose a lot of weight, grow facial hair, or begin to dress differently. These changes may also not necessarily be for the better. For example, your spouse may begin to wear baggy clothes, instead of the provocative clothes you may associate with cheating. 


Obviously, there are a lot of reasons for an appearance change. So, this sign alone is not evidence of cheating. Yet, it should take you on the lookout for the other signs on this list. 


  1. They no longer give you access to their phone or email accounts. 

When you are married to someone, you expect that you will have access to their phone and email accounts. No, you do not need to combine these accounts or comb them for evidence of cheating. You should be on the lookout, however, for a behavior change. 


If you’ve always enjoyed access to your spouse’s email and phone, but they suddenly begin keeping them from you, you may have cause for concern. Some disturbing behaviors include keeping their phone on them at all times and changing the passwords on their computer. Suddenly denying you access to their accounts may mean they have something to hide. 


  1. They disappear often. 

Sometimes people like to get away for a little while. An afternoon at a coffee shop or a weekend with the girls is very common. Most often, though, a spouse will tell their significant other where they will be. If your spouse disappears a lot, know that it is a common sign of cheating. 

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Dropping off the face of the earth after leaving the house is not usual. This behavior should be especially worrying if it happens a lot and if you are unable to find your spouse or get them to communicate with you at all while they are gone. At first, the excuses for this lack of communication may make sense. But, if the behavior becomes common, it is likely a sign of cheating. 


  1. Their interest in sex changes.

If your spouse is cheating on you, you may notice a difference in their interest in sex. You may think they would not want to have sex as often with you, but sometimes cheating actually increases a spouse’s sexual desire. A reduction of sex with your spouse may mean that they are getting more than enough from someone else. However, a major increase in sex likely means they are trying to cover up their affair. 

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The introduction of new sexual techniques, tricks, or kinks may also signal an affair. They may have learned these new things just to spice up your relationship. But, then again, they may be learning the new techniques elsewhere. If your sexual life becomes different seemingly overnight, you may need to worry about cheating. 


  1. They accuse you of cheating. 

This one may seem counterintuitive. If your spouse is cheating, why would they accuse you of cheating? There is no easy answer to this one. Some psychologists actually think that one spouse may cheat because they are convinced that you are cheating or are likely to cheat. 


Another reason why a cheating spouse may accuse you of cheating is that they are trying to shift the blame. Since they feel guilty, they don’t see why you aren’t guilty as well. And, then there is always gaslighting to cover up their affair as well. 

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What to Do If You Suspect Your Spouse of Cheating 

It is a terrible thing to suspect that a spouse is cheating. No one wants to experience this in their life. For the unfortunate people who are living with this pain, there are things to help confirm your suspicions. If you suspect a spouse of cheating, you can do the following things. I would start with the first on the list and install the whatsapp cheating app.


  • Install the mSpy app. Linked above. It will help you catch a cheater who uses WhatsApp. There are also other spying apps that you can use as well. 
  • Hire a private investigator. This is an old fashioned way to catch a cheater. But, it is still quite effective in some instances. If spying apps are not helping, then a private investigator may help you get proof of cheating. 
  • Talk to friends and family. They can help you process your feelings and create a plan of attack for talking about cheating with your spouse. 
  • Talk to your spouse. You must talk about cheating with your spouse. You should do this in a supportive and safe environment. Laying out your evidence calmly and assertively, and mentioning your feelings, are a great way to approach this conversation. 
  • See a counselor or file for divorce. This one doesn’t have to be an either/or. After your conversation with your spouse, you both may decide to seek out marriage counseling. This may or may not work. If your marriage is irreconcilable, then it is time to consider filing for divorce. 



Cheating is an unfortunate fact of life. Not all spouses cheat, but many do. Knowing the signs that your spouse may be cheating is the first step. Then use our tips about your next steps if you catch your spouse cheating. They outline the best approach for catching and confronting a cheating spouse. By the way if you have kids you should spy on them for sure, read this next